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It’s simple and free to play SFTB Fantasy Games. Pick a team of fighters and keep your roster within the posted salary cap. Your team will earn points based on their real-world performance. If your team earns more points then others, you win! It’s simple to win more credits, cash, and prizes. Follow along with each match online, and watch your winnings roll in.

You’ll start with 10 free credits when you sign up. Contests start at 5 credits to enter and go all the way to 100 credits for bigger contests. Enter contests to win cash and prizes for taking home the top prize.

Play to increase your bankroll – and you can also purchase more credits to increase your chances to win more in bigger contests.

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Plus, you can win real cash and prizes in bigger contests and through special events.

Contests will be scored live by our team of WWE judges, and results will be available live during the match.

Regular Match Scoring

Strike: .1 point
Basic move: 1 point
Power Move: 2 points
Ariel Move: 2.5 points
Signature Move (defined for each fighter): 5 points
Finisher Move (defined for each fighter): 5 points
Table Spot: 10 points
Reverse Opponents Finishing Move: 5 points
Your Finishing Move Reversed: -5 points
Pitfall/Submission Win: 20 points
Pinfall/Submission Loss: -5 points
Disqualification Win: 10 points
Disqualification Loss: -10 points
Title Win/Defense: 10 additional points

Royal Rumble/Battle Royal Scoring

Elimination of another fighter: 10 points
Signature Move: 5 points
First Place Finish: 50 points
Second Place Finish: 40 points
Third Place Finish: 30 points
Fourth Place Finish: 20 points

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