Los Angeles Clippers have not had a very good season. The franchise lost Chris Paul during the offseason and Blake Griffin has missed considerable time due to injury, forcing the team to stumble more than many would have expected. And considering the roster, it seems a rebuilding process is just around the corner for the Clips. They have been unable to win with their current core, and Paul’s departure will make things even tougher.

It’s quite clear that the franchise’s potential rebuilding process will have Griffin as the star. As such, DeAndre Jordan could easily become expendable if there are good-enough offers for him. There should be a lot of interest for the center, and these three teams make the most sense for him in case a trade happens before the deadline this season.

Boston Celtics


There is no question the Celtics’ biggest weakness this season lies in the paint. They don’t have a legitimate center, and Al Horford fits better as a power forward in today’s NBA. He is tall enough to guard centers, but his offensive skill-set profiles better as a four. Boston needs a big man capable of roaming the paint, and Jordan checks all the boxes.

What could play to Boston’s advantage is that they have several young players and even more Draft picks to create a solid package for Los Angeles. Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are not going anywhere, but Boston could offer players such as Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier or Shane Larkin, as well as several picks, including possibly a first-round one. Considering Jordan is a force on both ends of the court, this sounds like a deal waiting to happen. The Clippers would get a solid return, and Boston would receive the center they have been lacking in recent years.

Cleveland Cavaliers

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Can you imagine Jordan playing alongside athletic players such as LeBron James and Isaiah Thomas, as well as gifted passers such as Dwyane Wade or Derrick Rose? Not to mention Thomas’ potential pick-and-roll schemes with Jordan that could destroy any defense? The Cavaliers are already one of the top teams in the East, and adding Jordan would make them even more dangerous. It would give the team a legit inside threat on both ends of the court. We would be talking about a “Big Four” with Jordan, James, Thomas, and Kevin Love.

The biggest issue here is that the Cavaliers might not have enough assets to make a deal with Los Angeles. Since the Cavs are not going to part ways with Brooklyn’s pick, there is only a limited amount of things they can offer L.A. to make a potential deal. And considering Jordan is one of the best big men in the league, it seems the Cavs would be better suited to find alternatives elsewhere. They just don’t have the assets to make a move for DeAndre.

Washington Wizards


Don’t sleep on the Washington Wizards when it comes to potentially making a strong push for Jordan. They might not have a lot of young players or Draft picks, but they can allow the Clippers to remain somewhat relevant while filling the gap at center that Jordan’s departure would create.

Washington could offer Marcin Gortat or Ian Mahinmi on any deal, as well as someone like Kelly Oubre Jr. and a Draft pick. That’s not likely going to be the best package available, but it would give L.A. a starting center, a young player to re-tool the roster, and a Draft selection to acquire even more young players. It sounds like a solid return for a player that’s not likely to return once he hits the open market.