Eddie Lacy has struggled over the few years. Injuries and weight problems have kept him out of shape, and the Green Bay Packers chose to release him. The 27-year-old running back struggles were too much for Green Bay, and at one point some experts believed he would never return to the NFL. However, the Seattle Seahawks gave him a chance. And so far the move has paid off, even if the season won’t start in a few more months.

The Seahawks signed him during the offseason, but gave him the best motivation possible to keep himself on top form. He needed to go through periodic checks to determine his weight, and he would get bonuses every time he fulfills the team’s expectations. That was the case on Monday, as Lacy won another bonus on his long road to return to playing shape.

Lacy’s contract with Seattle would allow him to earn up to $385,000 on several different weight bonuses. Seattle’s head coach Pete Carroll already said he wants Lacy to be “as big as possible”, but there’s no question they are doing everything they can to keep him motivated. And when that happens, Lacy usually delivers.

The running back only tallied 360 yards on 71 rushing attempts last season. However, during his last productive season in 2014 he accumulated 1,139 yards and nine TDs on 246 carries. That’s quite a difference, right?

Look, Lacy will always come with a risk. And there’s a chance he might never be the runner he once was with the Packers at the early stage of his career. But he landed on a perfect spot to get his career back on track. The Seahawks didn’t have a viable running game last season, and he will give them quite a boost on the ground. And considering the presence of Russell Wilson and a stellar defense, that’s everything the Seahawks need from Lacy.

He might never be a Top 5 running back again. He might never be a fantasy star either, as he was in the past. But there’s no question he will be a massive success in Seattle. And he will do enough to keep the defenses honest. Based on what Seattle has on their roster, a productive Lacy could be the franchise’s missing piece. He could even be the main difference between a playoff berth and a new Super Bowl trip.

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