Maybe no one will notice if I just stay down here for the rest of this game. 

Some Bad, Some Good (and then bad again):

The Reds started off this week in horrible fashion. After the surprise snub of the season (perennial backup Brad Jones in for underperformer Simon Mignolet) the Reds continued their losing ways in a 3-0 drubbing from the hands of Manchester United. No idea why Mignolet was given the boot for this game as Brad Jones has never (and will never) be considered a starting goalkeeper for any BPL team. I know that Rodgers likes to throw young players into the deep end to see if they stay afloat, but it’s one thing to bring on a young player in the 70th minute of a big game, and another to bench your starting GK for a backup that has never looked like a top-quality keeper. Take a look at the first goal. Jones dives in the EXACT OPPOSITE DIRECTION of the shot. He was screened a bit by Skrtel, but a full dive away from the shot is never a good sign. Hopefully the rumors of a deal in place for a new keeper are true (more on that below) as Jones definitely can’t lead the team for the rest of this season.

The good part of the week happened in a dominating 3-1 performance vs. Bouremouth in the quarterfinals of the Capital One cup. Raheem Sterling (and his throwback shaved head) scored 2 great goals (where was that in the previous 2 games Raheem!) and Markovic added a nice rebound goal to put the nail in the coffin. But what do we get for finally putting a good performance on the field? Chelsea in the semi-finals. EFFING CHELSEA. Some may say that Mourinho has other things to worry about so he might start a secondary squad, but to that I say 2 things. 1 – Their secondary squad can still put us to the sword, and 2 – Mourinho does not like Liverpool so don’t expect him to start a secondary squad.

Another Big Game:

It’s Liverpool vs. Arsenal on Sunday, and with quality performances by Can and Markovic in the Bournemouth game, it’s another mystery who will be in the starting lineup to face the speedy Gunners. Arsenal haven’t been the hottest team recently, but the Reds haven’t even been a warm team. They are cold. How cold? Don’t have a joke here…they’ve just been really bad. Arsenal has lost 3 of their last 6, but neither team can be confident heading into this one. If you’re a betting man, hopefully you haven’t been riding Liverpool all season, but if you have been…hopefully you still have your kneecaps.

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