This is not your typical fantasy football article.  They are all the same, anyway.  Look at who did great last week, write about them, and move on. Look at any site and the names will be the same.  Johnny Football, Colt McCoy (threw for 385 yards and seems to thrive in Jay Gruden’s offense), Jordan Reed (Colt McCoy loves him), Kenny Stills (Seriously?  There are leagues where he’s available?) the list goes on and on.

The key to fantasy football is finding the sleeper BEFORE they do something.  You have to look weeks ahead.  If you have been good or lucky enough to still be alive, you need to jump at any advantage you can get.  Honestly, if you are still alive, picking up any of the names I already mentioned is useless.  I’m sure you have a better option than most of those people anyway.  Are you really going to bench Jordy Nelson for Donte Moncrief?  Of course not.

But here is one pickup that will actually help your team.  If you are alive, you should pick them up right now and ride them until you are eliminated.  Odds are, even in the most competitive of leagues, they are still available.

The Tennessee Titans defense.  This week they host the New York Giants, who just made the Jacksonville Jaguars look like the ‘85 Bears.  The week after?  The New York Jets who may very well employ the worst quarterback in the league in Geno Smith.  Should you make the championship game?  You get to go against the human turnover, Blake Bortles.

Your lineups should be pretty solid already, but defenses are always something that can change games in fantasy football.  Right now is the time of year where that change could mean big money.  Ride the Titans to some bonus points and good luck in the playoffs.