Football - FA Premier League - Tottenham Hotspur FC v Liverpool FCUpcoming Games:
Liverpool have a tough task ahead of them with 7 games in the next 21 days, starting with QPR this Sunday. Liverpool are already facing an uphill climb after their poor start, and facing Ronaldo and co. twice over the next 2 weeks is not making anything easier. Sturridge’s fitness is also a mystery at this point, and after Raheem Sterling’s issues with, “tiredness” who knows how many heart attacks I’ll have over the next 3 weeks.

Locker Room Buzz:
Since Brendan Rogers has noticed that our offense is not really firing right now (this guy doesn’t miss anything!) he publicized that he wanted to bring Divock Origi back from his loan spell in Lille when the transfer window reopens in January. Unfortunately, Origi (who has 5 goals in 11 games) is having none of that and vows to stay with the French club through the summer. Ballotelli only has 1 goal since joining the reds, but in a recent interview this week, Mario “Magnifico” said that he has matured, and wants to concentrate solely on football and, “not all the other bullshit” (editor’s note: I’ll believe it when I see it). When Sturridge comes back, they should be able to form a great 2-man strike force in the EPL (please don’t compare them to SAS ever) as our 4-3-3 (which is really a 4-3-2-1) isn’t doing us any favors. Sturridge only has 1 goal in his last 7 appearances, so getting these 2 on the field together must be a priority for Rogers.

On the Interwebs:
As professional (HA!) sportswriters, we here at SFTB* aim to provide all of the breaking news that emerges from Anfield. So while it is official that the jerseys next year will be made by New Balance and not by Warrior, the mockups that have been plastered all over Twitter today are not in fact the official 2015/16 kits (although they do look way better than what we’re putting on the field now). One can only hope that they stay away from the yellow next year, and if they do make a black kit, they don’t make it black…and grey…with a sash…but make the sash two-tone. Keep it simple. And Go Reds.

*Who came up with this name? Sounds like a disease found in the 49ers locker room to me. Can’t wait to tell my mom that I’m blogging for SFTB though. She’ll probably think it’s some charity so that’ll be good.