Soccer SFTB Picks

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It’s simple and free to play SFTB Picks. Pick a team of players and keep your roster within the posted salary cap. Your team will earn points based on their real-world performance. If your team earns more points than others, you win! It’s simple to win more credits, cash, and prizes. Follow along with each match online, and watch your winnings roll in.

You’ll start with 10 free credits when you sign up, and earn more for every day you play. Contests start at 1 credit to enter and go all the way to 500 credits for bigger winnings. Enter contests to double your credits, win if you finish in the top three of ten entries, or a big tournament where you can win cash for taking home the top prize.

For every day you play, you’ll get more free credits to come back and try again – and you can also purchase more credits to increase your chances to win more in bigger contests.

Contests are available for most major soccer leagues and cups in Europe, South America, and North America.

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Soccer Scoring

Goal: 10 points
Assist: 5 points
Shot: .5 point
Shot on Goal: 1 point
Cross: 1 point
Foul Drawn: .5 point
Soul Conceded: -.5 point
Yellow Card: -5 points
Red Card: -10 points
Save (GK): 3 points
Goal Conceded (GK): -5 points
Minute Played: .1 point

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