The Super Bowl LII is only a few days. The biggest game of the NFL season will take place at U.S. Bank Stadium, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on February 4 at 6:30 PM ET. And the Philadelphia Eagles will be underdogs against the New England Patriots, massive favorites to win the Super Bowl for a second consecutive year.

Both the Patriots and the Eagles had the best records in their respective Conferences. Both are coming off impressive playoff performances as well. The Patriots came from behind to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars, 24-20, and Foles led the Eagles to a huge 38-7 win over the Minnesota Vikings. If anything, both teams deserve to be where they are right now.

The Eagles are massive underdogs, and for a good reason. They are going against a more experienced team such as the Patriots. And even though Philadelphia has a good defense, who knows if they will be able to stop Philly’s dynamic offense? So their chances to win the game will lie on the shoulders of one player, and one player only. We are talking about Nick Foles.

Who would have thought that Foles would end up starting in the Super Bowl this season? They started the season as a backup, but he took advantage of Carson Wentz’s injury to become the starter. And if he wants to beat New England, he will need to find a way to dismantle the Pats’ defensive unit. Going head-to-head in a shootout with Brady is not going to be the best thing for them.

But can Foles take a step forward and defeat New England’s defense?

That’s not going to be easy, but he has proven he can take advantage of the tools he has at his disposal. And it’s not like the Eagles lack offensive weapons. They have LeGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi for the rushing game, Darren Sproles to act as a passing back, Alshon Jeffery as a top-tier receiver, and Torrey Smith for long plays. Heck, even Nelson Agholor has looked like a competent receiver at times.

There’s no question the offense looked better when Carson Wentz was under center. However, Foles has shown during the playoffs that he can take a step forward and dominate when needed. Just ask the Vikings, who were the best defense in the NFL and surrendered 38 unanswered points to Philadelphia. If anything, their confidence should be quite high heading into Sunday’s contest.

And that could be a bad thing for the Patriots.