The Philadelphia Eagles are clear contenders for the Super Bowl this season. Yes, that’s not a typo.

The Eagles entered the 2017 NFL season as one of the teams that could have turned a few heads in the 2017 season, but they have outperformed even the most optimistic expectations. Led by a stellar year from Carson Wentz, the Eagles sit comfortably at the top of the NFC East 10-1 record. They also have the best record in the entire league.

The question for Philadelphia is not if they’re going to make the playoffs. The main question is if any team can stop them from reaching the Super Bowl. And while that alone would be a massive accomplishment for the Eagles. They haven’t made it to the decisive game of the season since the 2004 campaign when they lost against the New England Patriots. But right now, it seems no team can stand in the way of the Eagles and an NFC Championship.

That might sound like I’m exaggerating, but they have been THAT good this season. Everything starts with Wentz’s play under center. Under the coaching of Doug Pederson, Wentz quickly went from a talented young passer to an NFL superstar in roughly four months. Wentz has thrown forĀ 2,657 yards with 28 touchdowns and just five interceptions. He completes 60.2% of his throws but possesses a high rating of 104.0. That means he’s been quite good in 2017.

The whole offense has been good, though. The Eagles rank first in points per game with 31.9, second in rushing yards per game with 147.5 and third in total yards with 381.5 per contest. Their passing offense ranks 15th with 234 yards per game, but apparently, that hasn’t been much of a problem.

And what can we say about their defense? They tallied 16 interceptions, 31 sacks and eight fumbles as a unit. They are allowing just 65.1 rushing yards per game as well. So they’ve been stout against the run and generally press the quarterback well. That’s a winning combination anywhere you are.

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There aren’t many teams that can stop them in the AFC. The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants looked like potential rivals on the way to the NFC East crown, but there’s a high chance neither even makes the postseason. The Seattle Seahawks don’t look as threatening as they’ve been in the past, and the same could be said about the Green Bay Packers. Right now, it seems either the Los Angeles Rams, the New Orleans Saints, or the Carolina Panthers will be Philadelphia’s biggest rivals on their way to an AFC title.

The Minnesota Vikings could have something to say as well. But who can trust Case Keenum in a playoff game? Sure, he has looked very good during the regular season. But the playoffs are an entirely different animal. You need experienced players to win in the postseason, and names such as Drew Brees or Cam Newton certainly represent an edge there.

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The Eagles might not have the experience, but their case is different. They have a 10-1, are clicking on all cylinders, and are riding a nine-game winning streak. In short – they look unstoppable now. And while it’s hard to imagine them winning out the remainder of the schedule, it’s not a crazy idea, either.

In any case, no one wants to face the Eagles right now. They are soaring higher than expected and at this point, they look like the biggest candidates to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this season. Because yes, they have been THAT good this year.