The Minnesota Twins have flirted with the thought of dealing Brian Dozier during the offseason. However, the second baseman remains part of the team, and at this point a trade doesn’t seem like a sure thing.

Of course the Twins would like to keep him, but Dozier could be a better fit elsewhere. Here are three teams that could use the power-hitting infielder ahead of the 2017 season.

Los Angeles Dodgers: There’s no secret the Dodgers are looking to upgrade their infield this season. Who would fit better than someone who hit 42 homers in 2016? Dozier would also improve the team’s offense against southpaws thanks to a career .854 against lefties. It’s a given Jose de Leon will be part of the deal, but both clubs are still working on the little details to make it happen. Right now, they are the frontrunners to acquire the coveted second baseman.

Atlanta Braves: The Braves are on the rise, and it seems their rebuilding effort will take less than time than expected. Dozier would fit right in as the starting second baseman, and he would automatically make the team better. He would also generate a boost on ticket sales, something the Braves need considering they’re opening a new park this year. They also have enough arms to make a tradeĀ happen, like Matt Wisler, Aaron Blair, Sean Newcomb (No. 3 prospect), Kolby Allard (No. 4) and Mike Soroka (No. 7), just to name a few..

St. Louis Cardinals: This is where things get tricky. There’s no question the Cards could use Dozier’s offense to chase the Chicago Cubs in the NL Central. However, the team already has an infield logjam and adding Dozier would only complicate things even more. They would be wise to give Kolten Wong a chance to start, and maybe try to sign Dozier next year. Plus it seems odd the Cardinals would like to part ways with some of their best pitching prospects like Luke Weaver or Jack Flaherty.

Teams like the Washington Nationals and the San Francisco Giants have also made moves for Dozier. However, they don’t make sense due to either a logjam (Washington) or abundance of depth (San Francisco). And it’s clear Minnesota is not going to give away their best player.

One thing is clear: the Twins need to deal Dozier fast. Every day they lose, his value shrinks a little with the possibility of free agency getting closer and closer. They need to trade him while his value is still through the roof.