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He said he had an itch on his nose. We were just trying to help!

Everything’s the Worst

We can gloss over the 0-0 Sunderland tie to get to the 1-1 Basel tie (read: loss) on Tuesday. Regardless of if you think Markovic connected with his hand when he reached back for some unknown reason, why the hell was he reaching back!? Personally, I don’t think it should have been a red card. It’s not like he swung with his elbow and he obviously didn’t have any previous fouls in the game (since it felt like he was on the field for 10 seconds before being hauled off). But this is definitely a lesson for the future for the 20 year old (who looks like he’s 45). He looked strong while he was on the field, but the Reds just were not good enough to win this one. Even Stevie G’s heroics couldn’t save the side, who were throwing everything at the net for the final half of this game. Fans were also left to wonder why our only striker was taken off. If he wasn’t fit for a full 90, how come there were no other strikers on the bench? I don’t think Rodgers should be on his way out, and I really think he deserves not only this season, but next season as well to prove his worth in the Suarez-less era (it is still a very young team he’s dealing with) but who knows what FSG is thinking. Only time will tell…and results. We need some of those.

More Misery in Manchester?

The Reds travel to Manchester this weekend to take on the newly resurgent Red Devils, and it is not looking good for Rodgers’ squad. Disappointing results, injuries galore, new coach rumors – all of this is not helping a team that could really use some positive news before a huge rivalry game. Who knows what the lineup will be, who knows when Sturridge will return, and who knows if this is the game where the Reds can finally turn the season around (probably not). This week’s game is on Sunday, so there’s an extra day to get upset about the Chelsea and Arsenal wins before we take the field. And speaking of the Blues…Who can stop these guys? Now that City have lost Aguero for 6 weeks, can any team step up and make a legitimate title challenge? Can West Ham or Southampton really take that final Champions League spot? I’m pretty sure that all Liverpool fans would want one of those 2 teams to take the spot over Arsenal, but there is a lot of time left in this season before we can predict who that spot will go to. The only thing we’re sure about now is that it will not be Liverpool…unless we win the Eurpoa League.

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