Effing Chelsea Part II:

Another loss. Another disappointing game. Another week to comprehend how this season has been going so wrong. Sure, we should have had a PK for a hand ball in the box towards the end of the game, but Chelsea had more opportunities than us, and as per usual we had no answers for (what looks like) the team of the moment. Seriously…who can stop these guys! I know that last season Arsenal had a heavy lead at the beginning of the season and then fell off, but I don’t think I see that with this season’s Blues.

Striker Struggles

After the game, the stats showed that Balotelli didn’t have a shot on net, but he definitely looked like he was hustling a bit more. It looks like Italian coach Antonie Conte has taken notice Balotelli was handed his first call up to the national team since the World Cup. Hopefully he stays healthy throughout the week as the last thing Liverpool needs is more injuries. Sturridge is back to training (again) and hopefully he can return to the field soon as the current strikers (Balotelli, Lamert, Borini) have yet to score in league games  this season. Yet. To. Score.

Around the Interwebs

Martin Odegaard, our favorite 15 year old, has been in the news once again this week as he revealed that even though Liverpool is his “dream club,” he will not let his fandom dictate where he signs this summer. Brandon Rodgers has praised the youngster, but Odegaard has already trained with Bayern Munich and Stuttgart (and visited with Real Madrid). He’ll head to the Liverpool facilities in December so we definitely need Stevie G on hand to welcome him to Merseyside. Best of luck to the youngster wherever he lands, but seriously…PLEEEEASSSE SIGN FOR US MARTIN! Also of note, his father has given Football Manager 2015 permission to add his son to the game, so if you live in the UK (since Americans only play FIFA) feel free to sign him up.

Stay tuned for next week’s roundup where we cover who got injured over the international break (odds are surprisingly in Sturridge’s favor somehow) and preview the upcoming match against Crystal Palace. (This is usually the part where I say we’re in big trouble but C’MON! This is a must win.) Enjoy the break Reds fans. We can certainly use it.