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Crazy Win vs. QPR:
It has been another crazy, heart-attack filled week at Anfield, starting with their 3-2 win at Loftus Road that was easily the luckiest 3 points I’ve ever seen in an EPL match. Two own goals and 4 goals in the final 7 minutes made for an interesting start to a 7 matches stretch that will take place within 21 days. But before we get into the quasi-letdown of this week’s Champion’s League match (cue awesome CL music) let’s take a look back at the news (read: rumors) of this past week.

On the Interwebs:
Thankfully, prior to this week’s game, Real Madrid Manager Carlo Ancelotti has said that they have no interest in signing Liverpool starlet Raheem Sterling. Sterling is one of the few Liverpool players that has been consistently in form, and the 19 year old has been one of the few bright spots on a squad that has been subpar for the majority of the season. And speaking of starlets (great segue alert) Norwegian wonderkid Martin Odegaard, the 15 year old phenom, has said that even though he has visited Man United and Man City, he’s waiting to hear if Liverpool has any interest before making his next move. Yes, you read that correctly. The man boy who is the hottest prospect in football right now is shunning the Manchester giants until he hears from the Reds. Sign him up! Surely he can’t be worse than Balotelli.

Zero to 3-0 Real Quick
I would like to say that this was an eye-opening game, but Liverpool has obviously been underperforming all season. I thought that keeping Balotelli in the lineup would motivate him to play better in such a big game, but it was more lazy and uninspired play from the Italian. Swapping shirts at halftime is also nothing new, but to do it to get a Pepe jersey just seems ridiculous. That jersey would have been available 10 minutes after the final whistle! It’s just another reason why Balotelli should start on the sideline for rest of the season.

Hull City
Before we get into this week’s preview, I have one question for you (whoever you may be). How is Liverpool in 5th place? I remember every game, and we only played good in 1. So how did we get “up” here In front of Man U (I guess they do suck worse) and Arsenal (a bit more surprising). Nonetheless, I would like to see Champions League football on a consistent basis so we need to shoot for a top 4 finish (that sounds like Arsenal talk, but it’s necessary at this point). OK, so what can we say about this game. Hull is no worse than QPR (we in trouble) we’re tired from running around for 90 minutes against the best team in the world (we in big trouble) and Hull is coming off a great game where they tied Arsenal 2-2 (BIG TROUBLE). Tune in at 10:00 EST if you are a Liverpool fan with a fetish for heart attacks, or if you just want to see how we muck it up this time. Go Reds.