It’s been a rough few months for the NFL.

Over the summer, domestic violence, child abuse, concussions, and drug use flooded the news, replacing the stories of mini-camps, the possible dynasty starting in Seattle, and a great draft.

Many people focused on the individuals responsible for the acts above – something deserved. I would like to focus, instead on Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL.

As many have stated, Mr. Goodell’s actions, lack thereof, complicit agreement with offensive behavior, and out-and-out lying have continued far too long. For the leader of a company as large as the NFL (especially one that is beholden to the American people through a substantial tax benefit) to act so brazenly offensive without repercussion is unthinkable in our modern society.

If these actions were undertaken by the head of any large corporation – G.E., Apple, Kraft – the public would not stand for it, the shareholders would revolt, and there would be no way for that leader to stay in power. In this case, Mr. Goodell is kept in power by 30 owners – each of whom has allowed him to take the fall in all of these matters in exchange for keeping his lucrative job.

Just as I would do if the head of one of the above corporations was as irresponsible as this, I cannot continue to support the National Football League.

The NFL for me, like for many others, is part of my fall. I play fantasy football, I watch the pre-game shows, I keep games on all day Sunday and nap, and I schedule viewing parties around Monday and Thursday night games. I root for the Bears, surround myself with fellow bears fans, and look for bars showing their games when they’re not on local TV.

All that is over. At least until Mr. Goodell resigns. It may never happen – but I simply can’t support him or his league any longer. I’m one man with one voice.

So – this is the first and only NFL post from me until change takes place.